Color of the Moment

Posted: April 13, 2011 in Ramblings

via Goodbye forever fatty


So yeah, my morning was all about this color. I went to the dentist today after a long overday hiatus after some past terrible experiences, and well yeah…

I got lost getting to the office, showed up and was greeted by some Eastern European lady with no sense of courtesy. I sat down, got called in to the x-ray ‘area.’ The area wasn’t a room, as there were no doors and the amount of privacy did not exist. I sat there for 20-30 minutes while a student learned how to x-ray by trial and error. And yes, it did take that long. Things I learned in that moment, I hate people being able to see my information on the big screen (staff or not), and that my mouth is too small to fit equipment inside of it (yes, you are reading that properly).

Thanks for being a good sport  – the other woman on me being patient with the x-ray person

On to the next thing…some woman, Gloria, began to flirt with me and ask me about my name and yada yada yada while giggling. ‘Whatever, bitch’ is how I felt when she started telling me that I shouldn’t be so nervous or scared and to stop being a baby. Uh, bitch, do you need 3 referrals for work that needs to be done? Oh you don’t? Exactly.

Can you go gently? I have a sensitive mouth. – Ignored concern.

And my frugal self then started to think about the price, my colleagues mentioned the pain and need for a good dentist/surgeon and now my shitty few weeks will hopefully end with a root canal on Friday. Yeah. Buddy.

Color of the MONTH.


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