I’m fine…really

Posted: April 7, 2011 in Food for Thought

via The Daily What

ICWUDT of the Day

I definitely did not intend to write too much on this post, primarily because I did not want it to take away from how cool of a photo it is. If you know anything about prisms or light, you definitely know why this is cool. Instead, I’m going to turn this into a vent session

Everyone keeps asking me if I’m having fun or if I’m enjoying my group so far and it’s a bit annoying. I’m not sure if I’m being ultra sensitive to it because I think there’s some truth to it, or if I’m mad because people are asking and I don’t believe that they actually want to or can change the way I feel. All of these forced conversations frustrate me. What are we going to do if I don’t like it, if i’m unhappy? What if I make a request that can’t be honored? Exactly. Life is life, and sometime’s you just deal.

I hate having to give the same answer all the time. Mostly because I am fine, I’m not unhappy with what I’m doing. I like what I’m doing more than what I was doing before, although I do feel less competent and I do miss the fun people who are off on an international assignment. I should also mention that people think that they can understand my perspective by asking me questions and making inferences. False. My source of (un)happiness is complex and some of it has nothing to do with work at all.

But who says I’m unhappy? I guess my ‘lack of energy’ and my toned down personality are now being recognized. This is what happens when you force a bunch of different people into a forced construct: gray.

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