Immigration: …and what if he were Mexican?

Posted: March 29, 2011 in Politics
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via The Daily What

Red-Blooded American of the Day:

95-year-old Centralia, Washington resident Leeland Davidson — a decorated WWII vet — recently sought an enhanced driver’s license so he could travel to Canada to visit his cousin one last time. But Davidson’s mundane request was rejected because, as it turns out, he’s not a citizen of this country.
Davidson was born in British Columbia to US citizens. “We always figured because he was born to U.S. parents he’s automatically a U.S. citizen,” his daughter Rose told KOMO 4 News.

Davidson wants the issue of his citizenship cleared up before he passes away, but passport officials raised concerns that pursuing the matter might lead to the loss of his Social Security or worse: Deportation.

Davidson received an application for citizenship from the office of Sen. Patty Murray, but he isn’t very happy about having to complete it. “I’m an American citizen,” he says. “Why should I have to fill out these forms, that’s what irks me.”

Would we feel this way if this were a Mexican person?


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