Links: US Hierarchy, Hulky Bully, Education, Dickensian Wire, Beysus, Hired Voices

Posted: March 28, 2011 in Links
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Obvious – ABC forgives Chris Brown after he’s vilified, they didn’t forgive Adam Lambert and Charlie Sheen is a saint. Duh, the order of the world: White men, straight men, white women, and so and so forth.

Hulk Bully Slam – Fat kid gets revenge on his bully: hulk slam ensues

Education for All? – Interesting article ponders if all kids in America really need a formal education

Dickensian Wire – The Wire as a Dicken novel…

Epic Beysus – Beyonce’s Twitter has 1 million followers, and she’s never tweeted a thing. Status! Let me divide her followers by tweets. Oh, you can’t…divide by zero.

Hired Voices – Radio shows employ zany voice actors to do zany stuff…IRL crazies are not IRL after all.


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