Links: Harvard, Gandhi, Maya Rudolph, Target, Make a Wish, RHoDC

Posted: March 27, 2011 in Links
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Harvard > Ur faves (-1) – Top 10 Dream Colleges, where Harvard, NYU come after Stanford

Ga(y)ndhi? – Apparently, Gandhi had a man-love thing with a German body builder

Maya! – Finally, they’re going to let Maya Rudolph be great

Target v Gays – You may have heard that GaGa backed out of a deal with Target because they’re not inclusive of her ‘lil monsters’ base and now more stuff

You’re going to Hell – Someone turned down a ‘Make A Wish’ request, the world got livid, lives were changed and ruined, right? Maybe not.

RHoDC is Dunzo – OH. NO. Real Housewives of DC is no mas. Boooooo. I liked them, they were more interesting than Miami.

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