My Diary (of Secrets)

Posted: March 21, 2011 in Tweets
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via The Daily What

If it’s not apparent to anyone, Twitter is my diary of secrets. I love everyone (in a way), but I really can only show my jar of hate (my twitter) to very few people. Those that I’ve decided to share it with have a similarly hateful jar, and we’re rather immune to it all.

I’ve had this very thing pictured above happen. People ask to follow me on Twitter, they start asking me about the content of my tweets or complain about the frequency of my tweets. Both things annoy me and them so much that they unfollow me. In order to minimize that ultimate rejection, I save you from wasting your time trying to understand me and from me getting sad my follower count goes down.

If you think you’re worthy, casually mention you have a Twitter. I might be interested in following you, assuming we have a large follower overlap. Otherwise, just save your time and my (hurt) ego.


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