Alma Maters: Dissent & Rejection

Posted: March 17, 2011 in Uncategorized

The item you see here is the first time I encountered some dissent at work for my alma mater. It’s a lunch box, one of the ‘gifts’ given to us on Class Day.

One dude found it cute and thought it a source of immense proud in my school. Umm, you don’t know me like that at all. I just am cheap and needed something to bring my lunch in.

And so what if the other alum had the same one (eventually leaving hers behind).

It’s more than the lunch bag, it’s how the small things like a flimsy thing with significance affixed to it by those rejected. To many, it’s a dumb bag. To those rejected, it’s a sign of things they missed out on.

The subject of alma mater comes up a lot, and only ever in reference to Harvard – only 2 of us were undergrads in a group of 24. No, I don’t give a shit about Harvard basketball, and no I don’t believe in grade inflation (see my C+s and ask a pre-med).

So can we just get the fuck over it already?

I don’t have a team to root for in any major collegiate events aside from patrician sports. I don’t have a vast alumni network to leverage in conversion without garnering side eyes or intrigue into my intellect. We never make top party school, most fun or happiest students. We don’t even go to school in a good city.

But you don’t hear me harping on your school all the time. Honestly, despite how elitist I can be, schools are not really all that interesting. So you had resources, were a legacy or benefited from affirmative action – and a few of you were qualified, academically. That’s what your alma mater signifies.

So can we just get off my lunch bag and these nuts?


  1. jax says:

    yo i love my effing lunchbox, i bring it everywhere. and i have had more dirty comments than i can deal with… but also we shouldnt have to defend a reason as to why we bring this lunchbox. it’s our alma mater! no one gets shit for wearing their sweatshirt, but the minute i put mine on i`m suddenly “full of it.” bah!

    thanks for this post and giving me a venue to rant 🙂

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