Links: Ivies, Disney, Racial Profiling, Bi-winning, Affective priming

Posted: March 2, 2011 in Everything, Links
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Ivy x Money – Apparently, an Ivy-league education does not guarantee you’ll make the most money. In other obvious news, characteristics specific to you determine your success…except prestige helps minorities make more.

Really, Disney? – Disney has a ‘social network’ for kids under age 10…just stop, really.

Obvious: Profiling x NYC – The NYPD stopped enough black men last year to populate WYOMING. An entire state…

Are you bi-winning? – Charlie Sheen lost his mind and went on ABC creating the most about of lols and blank stares of ever…maybe since Whitney demanded to see the receipts! Links to his quotes set to New York cartoons…

Affective Priming – Is our mood/emotional state affected by objects we’re primed with (hot liquids making us believe people are ‘warmer’?)


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