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#Twitter: @YesImWaspy

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I don’t know what I have to do to make New Years Eve any wild and crazier than any other night of my life. Oh yeah. Die.


This is why we can’t have nice things

This is my new favorite phrase as of late.’ It’s my BBM status, my gchat status and I’ve tweeted it.

And you know what, it’s just so fitting for every occasion. Someone pisses you off, and it’s why you can’t have nice things (ie a good friendship). You seem how vile humanity can be or anything negative, and it’s truly why we can’t have nice things.

A close second is ‘Why won’t [they] let [me] be great’ because it’s often yourself standing in the way of your greatness. Taken together, we can’t have nice things because you’re usually in your own way.

Words to ponder. See you in 2011 if not sooner!


And by sensitive, I mean a good person who is sensitive to the feelings of others…..


Google Docs: Awesome

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All I can say: =]

Something about this song is just….just so great. I think it’s the old school + new school R&B that grips me. I grew up with so much Patti LaBelle in the background, my mother and grandmother are major stans – ie they love when she rolls on the floor and kicks her shoes off.

And because you all know how much I love gif files, this one is actually epic and apt.

DJ Earworm – 2010 Mashup

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I like this mashup. I like most of the year end mashups by DJ earworm actually.

Lady Gaga: Gay Savior?

Posted: December 29, 2010 in Politics

Lady Gaga, loved by all the gays, and touted as this DADT hero who only has the gays’ best interest in mind and not their purses (in the old timey sense of course)…or the Gayviour has just been shown to have a bit of a problem. I guess you do love all of your little monsters: the green Benjamin variety. But I’m quite biased against her, I find her agenda all too dubious – great actions, questionable intentions/motives.

LA Weekly:

Miracle Whip is owned by Kraft Foods, which donates almost exclusively to Republican candidates –including several who have gotten scores of 0 by Equality California, an organization whose mission it is “to ensure and promote dignity, safety and equality for all of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) Californians.”

Hewlett-Packard’s donation record is also mixed in this respect, contributing to some candidates with solid voting records in favor of LBGT issues, and some against.

But Chevrolet’s parent company contributed primarily to social conservatives, including House Whip Eric Cantor, who voted yes on a constitutional amendment to define marriage as between a man and a woman, and voted no on enforcing specific punishments for anti-gay hate crimes.

I, like you hopefully are, am over the whole Whip My Hair craze. I mean, I love the song, but I hate seeing the video/song chopped and screwed and then put on every thing and everywhere on youtube.

However, I have to show some love for this young black figure skater, since I’m sure there are very, very few. Good job, good job.


I thought your parents had oil money. #whitegirlproblems
I want to fuck whoever made this salad. #whitegirlproblems


Oh, your family isn’t in a history book? I guess you’re just visiting. #YesImWaspy
Dear beautiful girl, sleeping with me is like going to Harvard: It looks good on your record, betters your future and worth bragging about.

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I do love this for some reason, it’s so…it’s just able to start an interesting conversation and would make me happy to put stuff on daily. This is the kind of (crap) stuff that actually makes me happy.

I don’t remember where I found this chart, but I obviously didn’t create it….

Cabin Fever?

Posted: December 27, 2010 in Food for Thought

I’m not sure why, but I get ‘cabin fever‘ to the max when I’m at my parents’ house. Although this blizzard outside is a rarity, for some reason I feel the most epic sense of being trapped/imprisoned.

I feel so trapped even though I have a couch here, premium cable, tons of walking and living room, yet I prefer my small apt room of independence. Also, my body revolts against me. I start eating terribly, I get fat, my body starts to rebel, my skin says ‘why are you here?’ and then I cry a small death and look forward to the visit being over.

Somehow, only a day long (or a few hours is truly best) trip is the best; any more and I…yeah, I just can’t.

(Other) Fun Blogs

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I’ve been ‘tag surfing’ on WordPress and came across two very cool blogs. Both are ‘design’ oriented blogs, but are good to add to your Google Reader for when they make updates

Asli Caglar

Hello Color

FYT: Vintage Valentino

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