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What’s My Name (Oh Na Na) – Rihanna

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This song is the shiz. I can’t believe I used to dislike Rihanna, but her songs are all really good. I think she’s comparable to Lady Gaga in her recent music dominance.


Happy Halloween!

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PF, it’s a good thing

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I just got back from Planet Fitness in Harlem. It was great, I definitely made the right decision.
A rational person would have gone to BK, but I thought with my penis and my blackness. The people in Harlem and those that come to the gym (and the people on the way there) are just more attractive.

Not to mention the relative draw of Harlem blacks is greater than that of downtown BK. I think this was a great decision. And as I told my co-workers, I can get my ‘urban wears’ there.

The only downside is that it takes so long to get there, but I don’t do anything else on Saturdays. And maybe if I find some volunteer opportunity up there, it’ll just be my Saturday thing.

And to anyone wondering, you can’t pass up a $10/month gym with no long-term commitment. Right? It also frees up money for me to start checking out hip-hop classes at dance studios.

I think it’s a net ‘win’. Now I just have to figure out how to manage to find another day to workout. Perhaps a slow tv day…


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Limewire has been shut down, effectively ending my childhood memories of pirating music.

Eff you music industry for not letting us have what we ‘need’. And by need, I of course mean that we shouldn’t be charged for shitty music and prices need to come down on digital downloads. Or maybe let me own the license to said download such that if I lose the file (physically) I can still retain the information. Otherwise, Viva la musica stolen.

Tron: Legacy

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I can’t wait to see this movie

Sassy Gay Friend: Eve

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The Sassy Gay Friend meme on the internet is really funny, mainly because of one of my friends from summer – she quoted it A LOT. What what, what are you doing…

The other ones (MacBeth, Othello and Hamlet) are also VERY funny.

Honor Students

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Baracka Flacka Flame

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I love this video, which is unfortunate. Barack O as Waka being super ignorant.


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I’m not on it yet, but I’m sure I will be soon enough.

The doldrums of cubicle life is taking its toll on me. I go stir crazy just sitting there, watching my computer screen, listening to music. I sit in the quiet section of the office, aka most of the people near me are always in meetings, spend most of their time on different floors or buildings and yeah…

So I have to make an effort to see people in order to be social. I have no problem with that, except that I always want to be social. But the most pressing matter on my mind is the lack of academic conversations I have had.

Until a few days ago. The first person to engage me in conversations about race, identity and our group’s culture made me delighted. I can’t even tell you how good it felt to have someone else share my desire to have intellectual stimulation and to be thoroughly engaging.

Those moments are far and few between, so we shall see how I fare as my time continues en terra cubix.

Black Community: Dating

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Harvard’s BSA and likely any collection of black people would be up in arms about the following videos. They capture some sentiments taking place in the black community.

This video is what set people off…

And here’s the ‘woman’s perspective’

And one of my favorites because it seems like the closest to a counter point for the first video

And my personal favorite for obvious reasons…

Commercialism Overload

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via Fashion Indie » Ally Hilfiger is Launching a Fashion Line With Nary Manivong

400 Boxes of The John Galliano Cookies Please!

Vogue: A commentary

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via Fashion Indie

aleXsandro Palombo -“I Love Anorexia.”

Zoe and Beckham Heart Anorexia in aleXsandro Palombos Latest IllustrationsZoe and Beckham Heart Anorexia in aleXsandro Palombos Latest IllustrationsZoe and Beckham Heart Anorexia in aleXsandro Palombos Latest Illustrations


Baby, you da best

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Graffiti: Rethought

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Will you?

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i’m not sure why I’ve been feeling this way lately (well, I do a bit), but I feel like a ‘nothing.’

The way I currently feels is similar to senior spring, when I felt completely alone and isolated. There a many reasons I feel this way, but I’m not exactly sure of where to start.

First, I think this is the second time that who I am as a person (my identity) has become a vital thing I’ve been pondering. It was never an issue for me to be ‘black’ (mostly) until I was socialized into a predominantly white school, and then through the beginning of college.

I slowly warmed up to the idea after being in Chicago and feeling like I was so alone and that no one was around (or nearby) who understood me. I (re)discovered the Harvard black community and embrace my culture to the fullest.

Now that I’m working for a predominantly white company (what company isn’t) in a group that is quite diverse, I feel ‘different.’ No one cares about fashion, entertainment or sociological matters in the same way as I do.

Being in Harlem this past weekend just browsing in H&M and picking up my gym membership card, I felt a sense of ‘home’ like no other. The smell of fried fish and apple sticks was so enticing, and reminded me that I miss my blackness.

And I wonder, will my blackness still love me tomorrow?

I dearly miss it, and now realize more so than ever that my blackness is what keeps me grounded. I’m sure that’s actually surprising to many, but given my life history and surroundings, I’m about as ingrained as I could be….and I still feel like I’m missing something.