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US is so major

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The United States is so ‘major’ that you can fit the GDP of several countries into the state schema we currently have…

Situation Shirt: Ultimate Pause

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All that I can say is that this shirt is the ultimate ‘pause,’ in what world is that actually an acceptable shirt. I would wear Eddie Hardy ten times over before I wore something like this. And I really just can’t say how atrocious this is, why would you wear a cut-out shirt? It seems like something that belongs to J-Woww’s ‘filthy’ shirts…or line of clothes…or whatever.

FASHION FAIL: The Situation Shirt

Sarcasm: Feels Right

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NYC – Sightings

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This past weekend was filled with fun sightings that living in NYC makes possible. And I’ll go over them in order of importance/significance from least to greatest.

  • I saw Luann de Lesseps, aka ‘The Countess,’ from the Real Housewives of NY with her man friend at a restaurant on 42nd.
  • I saw a relatively famous black male model on the subway, who really makes it clear that modelesque means ‘scrawny.’
  • And I saw 2 pimps, both adorning red suits – one even had a captain’s hat. Of course, where there are pimps, there are hoes…I saw a super broke down and bruised up pros-ti-tute who everyone just stared at in sheer awe of her bruises. Later, there was another prost-i, and then another who was workin the corner. I have pictures on my phone for anyone who’s interested.
  • Lastly, I watched someone get robbed in their sleep. The man was drunk on my steps, and I walked around him so as not to stir Mr. Snorlax. After being safely behind the locked door, I watched as a man who passed by seemingly took worry and tried to wake the man. I felt bad for not offering to do the same….until that very same man took all of the sleeping guy’s possessions. Yup, let’s now reverse that feeling of shame and turn it into fright and then relief.

Only in NYC? Probably not, but this was in the course of Friday and Saturday nights.

Segway: Irony?

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The man who bought the Segway company, recently died while riding one of the scooters off of a clip…I’m not one to mock death or make light of tragic events, but really?


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Woah, I do like these glasses! It’s actually the only reason I’m interested in this entire image, well there’s also her skin tone/sheen that is alluring, but that body is not healthy. But the neck up is gold-en.


Britney, Dancer

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Ever since the internet went abuzz with Britney from ‘Glee’ being one of the ‘single ladies’ dancers, I have been one of her biggest fans. I mean, at this point, Lea Michelle is clearly the musical star while Britney is a virtuoso of dance…even though she didn’t make it on SYTYCD. Shame.

Or is it? Much like Mercedes on the show, an American Idol reject, being rejected by fox and then employed by fox blowing people out of the water is kinda huge. And when you pair Britney (I refuse to use her real name), one of my favorite and least boring ‘Glee’ characters, with Beysus, you get magic. The clip below is Britney doin’ it.

My Sverige friend shared a great/interesting read on the perception of people with accents…Although it’s only an abstract of an article, it does basically say that we consider people with foreign accents less credible.

Although I wonder if this holds true in things that we attribute ‘otherness’ and ‘positivity’ with, like the hard sciences and math. We will always believe a foreigner in these fields, but likely not for other things.

And, my subject line is an allusion to Austin Powers 3: Goldmember, in which Goldmember says, "I am foreign, isn’t that veird?" I guess the answer is yes, when you want to be considered a credible source.

Dolce & Gabbana 2011

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Family Guy x Suicide

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I can’t tell you how much I love Family Guy, although I do find the way they treat Meg to be beyond horrible. However, I did find this clip to be hilarious.

The context is that even Meg’s stuff animals don’t want to be her friend/around her so they flee and escape from her room using a sheet. Unfortunately for FunShine Bear, Meg sees him and he’s conflicted…so he jumps to his death to avoid being around her.

If your stuffed animals, specifically the best ones ever (Carebears), desert you, then you know there’s a major problem. I know it’s morbid, but this is actually so funny that it’s sorta how I imagine the people I hate’s pets/bears behave.

Backpacks of the Future

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If this is the future of biking/backpacks, I want to be there when it happens. How epic is it that you can use LEDs to signal as biker and customize your messages?

Quote to live by

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been a long timebeen a long time

WANT: Spray-on Clothes!!!

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via Fashion Indie » MAG HAG: Egoiste Magazine

Spray On Clothes

"Particle engineer Paul Luckham and designer Manel Torres have combined cotton fibres, polymers and solvent to form LIQUID FABRIC.Once the fabric dries, you can take it off and wear it again."

I’m actually amazed at how epic it is that clothes can be sprayed on and dried, then removed like we normally do with clothes. I find this to be beyond fascinating.

See how it all works after the cut…


Fendi 2011

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