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Aug 28, 2010

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Here’s a fun little Glenn Beck v MLK comparison. Hmpf.


A little immaturity

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Adulthood: Day 1

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Today was my first day at work, and it was…’fun’?

It started off quite early (6:30am) because my apartment is yet to be painted and cleaned, so that means commuting from home! The orientation process was actually quite fun, I met a neighbor and got some feedback for my soon to be iPhone4. All fun things. Then on to lunch with the new group and some idling around for the day setting up my cubicle. I have a ‘cube,’ my own cube!

The one upside that was tangible aside from the feeling of ‘holy shit I’m a real life person’ was finding out what I may be working on in the near future. And actually hearing about the other projects was super cool. I’m actually excited to start working, but I don’t think that actually begins until a couple more weeks.

Now for the negative (because isn’t that what you expect from me?). I can’t use Gmail, Facebook (obviously) or Firefox. Some of my favorite and love-hate brands that are part of my daily life. Oh, and I can’t record video (it could be confiscated for monitoring) or take pictures of people without their consent. Or ‘solicit’ for girl scout cookies. 😦

But to make this a compliment sandwich, let’s end on a good note. I got off of work at 5ish, will be meeting the leader of the group in the morning and I get to scan my fingerprints everyday just to get into the building. Mission Impossible, say wha?

I <3 Internet

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This is how I feel daily, and I can’t wait until I move into my apartment and have Internet. Until that day I will countdown the moments until I can recreate this very moment.


My Child Left Behind

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I found this article in the NYT about parents who are leaving their children back a year on purpose. I am not surprised by this, as I found out going to college that many parents leave their children behind a year so that they have a competitive advantage in sports.

What I did find interesting was that some parents weren’t just doing this with sports in mind, but attempting to protect the kids’ psyche. They assert that no one wants to be the smallest, the one picked on. Yet, according to the ways of the world, someone will always be the smallest.

And normally this is the parents business though I’m firmly against this practice for any reason short of more time necessary for the kid to develop. But the thing with this is that many of the students being held back perform worse when they do start off in their grade. So to be the smallest or to fail from being developmentally and academically behind?

But maybe these parents are right to hold them back? Some scientists are saying that the rising rates of ADHD diagnoses also follows a trend of younger enrolled students. In the study, children with birthdays nearest the grade cutoff on the younger side are many times more likely to be diagnosed. In other words, being the youngest (the runt) just means you’re…less mature, and probably less well behaved. No surprise.

We can chalk it up to the band-aid parents, those who put protective band-aids on when there is no cut and just to be safe (for the child’s sake). This point leads me to this article in the NYT which highlights how some colleges have built in parental buffers for over protective parents. Some of the measures include clearly indicating that freshman orientation activities are for freshman only, a ceremony where parents and children are segregated with speakers with backs to parents and events concurrently happening (one for the parents and one for the students).

Ah, our generation is going to be something else. I wonder what kinds of parents we will be. I think the ‘Generational Archetypes‘ is a great model for how we relate to our parents, grandparents and future children.

It’s Over: Picture time

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I sorta want to do something like this, but then I realized just how fucked up that is…and yet still so funny.

Life. Got Real.

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Life just got real. I was super excited about starting work, ending my weeks of lethargy, until life got real. too real.

In the mail they sent me a nice package from which I had to choose health insurance, dental and vision plans. Wait, what? I forgot that the real world means real life things like medical care, which is expensive, and figuring out what a deductible means.

Did you know that I now have to choose between a plan (the cheapest being ~$500/year) that’s only medical coverage membership and then paying for other expenses even after that (up to the deductible)? But then I realize that should I waive said coverage, I will be screwed if I ever get hospitalized (car accident, shanking, etc).

So I’m pretty sure that I’m going to pay that price as an insurance should I never want to spend a future on a broken, fractured or sprained anything. The upside is that dental coverage, which is separate, is actually pretty reasonable. But so long vision, I’m gonna squint till the day I die. Jk. But maybe next year.

Oh, and this reminds me to plug Michael Moore’s ‘Capitalism: A love story,’ which is an excellent movie about how ‘free market’ our society has become. Did you know companies often take out life insurance on their employees, the same companies that send you on business trips? You could be sent to your death and making the company a profit all at the same time! Ending cynical moment.

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I can’t tell if I should be offended by this or not. Are they pretending to be guidos per their hair, attire and making an extreme statement with the black face? Or are they just in black face and being ‘ghetto’?


WANT: One Person Camper

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Does this make you want to go camping? Or re-create ‘My Side of the Mountain

Toy Jesus

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This is kinda wrong, but if it exists…wow. WOW.

So after seeing the barrage of commercials about online dating accounting for 20% of couples, I wondered why ones that appealed to me hadn’t been on tv. Instead, I’ll write about them for your pleasure.
My favorite of the two is Yup, I could always use some extra resources. I have no problem being a sugar baby (physical appearance still being a factor). But is it shameful for ‘cougars’ to openly prowl? I bet they’d find a lot more cubs if they advertising on facebook, fantasy football sites and Dave Matthews Band-related sites.

And my guilty pleasure of the two is It’s a site for women to find Harvard-educated men. Not surprisingly the men featured are all from the business school, the likely creators of said site. Why them? Because the women have to pay to use the sight to find happiness, but hey this website frames it as the women have control…

And if you were wondering, you as a female can’t advertise yourself on this website, because no one is interested in paying to find an educated female. Yup, you can keep that degree to yourself and let it keep you warm at night.

50 Cent Grills

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Somewhere Jim Crow doing a shuck and jive to this.

Pass-Aggr FB

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Heard you’re at Stanford I’m jealous! Hope med school is funnnn

Really? Wait, no, but really? I do find that to be ‘confusing’ even if meant genuinely. Heard you’re in heaven, so jealous from down here – hope St. Peter doesn’t make you wait too long!

Solar Power Explained

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